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 15mm Viking Infantry  8 Infantry £2.75

  NI08 Berserks Lmi Trousers Bare Chest, Holding Axe.
  NI09 Berserks Lmi Trousers Bare Chest, Running Sword Sh.
  NI10 Bondi Archers Lmi Fur Tunic, Loading Bow.
  NI05 Bondi Archers Lmi Tunic Trousers, Firing Bow.
  SE24 Bondi Axe Men Lmi Tunic Trousers, Holding Axe.
  NI12 Bondi Spearmen Lmi Tunic Trousers, Running Sword Shield
  NI14 Bondi Spearmen Lmi Cloak And Bare Chest, Spear Sh.
  NI19 Bondi Spearmen Lhi Chain Mail Stood With Spear/Shield.
  NI11 Bondi Spearmen Lmi Padded Tunic, Running With Sword.
  NI15 C In C Lhi Foot Chain Mail Fur Cloak, Holding Sword.
Viking NI07 English Rebels Hi Chain Mail, Holding Axe.
  NI16 Huscarls Lhi Chain Mail, Axe Over Shoulder.
Viking MD31 Irish Lmi Tunic Trousers, Running Throwing.
  NI10 Skirmishers Li Fur Tunic Trousers, Loading Bow.
  NI13 Skirmishers Li Tunic Trousers, Running Javelin Shield.
  NI15 Sub General Lhi Foot Chain Mail Fur Cloak, Holding Sword.
  NI18 Ulfhednar Bearskin Headdress, Holding Sword.
Viking NI69 Officer Sword & round shield
Viking NI70 Horn blower.
Viking NI71 Standard bearer
Viking NI72 Spearman Lt\Med Throwing Spear
Viking NI73 Spearman Lt\Med Throwing Spear
Viking NI74 Swordsman Lt\Med .
Viknig NI63 Javelin man Lt\Med, Throwing, Round Shield

15mm Viking Equipment

  PH01 Pack Horses (4 Figs) £2.75
  BF03 Wicker Fence (X3) £2.75
  MA09 Peasant Pack (8 Figs) £2.75
  MA10 Wagoner Pack (8 Figs) £2.75
  MA11 Pilgrims (8 Figs) £2.75
  MA20 Female Captives ( Nude) £2.75
  MA22 Female Captives ( Dark Ages Medieval)                        £2.75
  MA23 Male Captives ( Nude) £2.75
  MA25 Male Captives ( Dark Ages Medieval) £2.75
  MA26 Male/Female Captives Mounted ( Nude) £2.75
  MA28 Male/Female Captives Mounted ( Da) £2.75
  OX01 Oxen X 4 £2.75
  WG22 Cart Canvas Covered Load (Sld) £2.75
  WG24 Hay Cart (Sld Wheels) £2.75
  CS01 Camp, (Baggage Barrels, Fire) £4.00
Some miniatures are suitable for more than one troop type

Command packs contain 6 infantry or 3 cavalry