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15mm Samurai, Kawanakajima  8 Infantry £2.75
Samurai sword SM01 Samurai, fighting (swords).
Samurai SM02 Samurai, fighting (naginata)
Samurai Yari SM03 Samurai, fighting (Yari)
Samurai Archer SM04 Samurai, Archers (shooting)
Samurai SM05 Samurai, Archers (loading)
Samurai Aqubus SM06 Samurai, Arquebus (firing)
Samurai SM07 Samurai, Arquebus (Loading)
Samurai Ikko Ikki Monk Archer SM12 Ikko-Ikki Monks, Archers (shooting)
Samurai Ikko Ikki naginata SM13 Ikko-Ikki Monks, fighting (naginata)
Ikko Ikki Sword Monk SM14 Ikko-Ikki Monks, fighting (sword)
Samurai Ikko Ikki Monk SM15 Ikko-Ikki Monks, Arquebus (firing)
Ikko Ikki Monk Samurai SM16 Ikko-Ikki Monks, Spear (upright)
Ashigaru Sword SM17 Ashigaru, fighting (swords)
Ashigaru Naginata SM18 Ashigaru, fighting (naginata)
Ashigaru Yari SM19Ashigaru, fighting (Yari)
Ashigaru Archer SM20 Ashigaru, Archers (shooting)
Ashigaru Archer SM21 Ashigaru, Archers (loading)
Ashigaru Aqubus SM22 Ashigaru, Arquebus (firing)
Ashigaru Aqubus SM23 Ashigaru, Arquebus (Loading)
ashigaru Yari SM24 Ashigaru, Stood (Upright Yari)
SM26 Ashigaru, Drum & Drummer's

New Release SM27 Ashigaru, Holding banners (6)
Ashigaru carrying Supplies SM28 Ashigaru, carrying supplies
  SM29 Ashigaru, handing out supplies
SM30 Ashigaru, with large umbrella.


Ashigaru Sword SM31 Ashigaru, (sword) (armoured)
Ashigaru Naginata SM32 Ashigaru, (naginata) (armoured)
Ashigaru Yari SM33 Ashigaru, (Yari) (armoured)
2015 release SM34 Ashigaru, Archers (shooting) (armoured)  
2015 release SM35 Ashigaru, Archers (loading) (armoured)  
2015 release SM36 Ashigaru, Arquebus (firing) (armoured)  
2015 release SM37 Ashigaru, Arquebus (Loading) (armoured)  
SM90 Lord, Sword Bearer, retainers. 6 figs

SM93 Ashigaru Officers, Musicians & Banners (6)
  SM94 Large banners (8 per Pack)
  SM95 Back banners for infantry/cavalry (12)
Ikko Ikki Monk Standard SM97 Ikko-Ikki Monks, Banner (upright) (6 figs)


15mm Samurai, "Kawanakajima"  4 Cavalry £2.75
Samurai Cav Sword SM08 Samurai, Cavalry (Sword)
Samurai Cav Archer SM09 Samurai, Cavalry Archers
Samurai SM10 Samurai, Cavalry (Naginata)
Samurai Cav Yari SM11 Samurai, Cavalry (Yari)
Samurai SM91 Samura1 Officers (3)
Samurai SM96 Samurai holding Banner (3).
Samurai Ikko Ikki General SM98 Ikko-Ikki Cav Gen, Monks Banner (4)


15mm Samurai, "Kawanakajima"  Equipment £4.00 per pack
Pack Horses SMA01 Ashigaru x 2, with 4 pack horses.
Bamboo Defences SMA02 Field Defences. Bamboo/rush bundles
  SMA03 Dais & 4 Screens (maku) £6.00
Weapon Racks SMA04 Camp Weapons. Polearm racks & cases
SMA05 Palanquin & Bearers


Pavises SMA06 Pavises Small & Large (12)
  SMA07 Camp Site. (fire, Equipment etc)


Samurai Peasants fighting  
  SMA08 Peasants fighting (15 Mixed)
Some miniatures are suitable for more than one troop type   

Command packs contain 6 infantry or 3 cavalry