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 15mm Mamluk Egyptian 1250 Ad    8 Infantry £2.75

  AI01 Al-Ashair Foot Long Robes, Waving Sword, Shield
  AI11 Al-Ashair Foot Long Robes, Firing Bow.
Mamluk AI03 Ghazis Lmi Robe & Trousers, Throwing Javelin.
AI15 Ghazis LMI Robe & Trousers, Waving 2 handed Sword.



 15mm Mamluk Egyptian 1250 Ad    4 Cavalry £2.75

Mamluk PR05 Al- Halqa Ehc Lamellar Armour, Firing Bow.
Mamluk PR01 Al-Halqa Hc Lamellar Armour, Firing Bow.
Mamluk AC08 Bedouin Arab Lc Long Robes & Shield, Charging.
  NC17 Frankish Knight Surcoat Cloak, Crouching With Lance. 
  NC14 Frankish Knight Ehc Surcoat Cloak, Lance Upright.
Mamluk PR07 Mamluks Ehc Lamellar Armour, Saber & Shield.
  PR03 Mamluks Hc Lamellar Armour, Saber & Shield.
Mamluk PR12 Pa Standard Ehc Lamellar Armour, Holding Standard.
  PR10 Royal Mamluks Ehc Lamellar Armour, Firing Bow.
Mamluk PR09 Royal Mamluks Hc Lamellar Armour, Lance Upright.
Mamluk AC05 Turkomans Lc Long Robe, Boots, Throwing Javelin.
Mamluk AC06 Turkomans Lc Long Robe, Boots, Firing Bow.
  MG11 Wafidiya Mongols Lc Jacket & Baggy Trs, Firing Bow.

Mamluk Egyptian | Equipment | Top

Ottoman, Mamluk Egyptian (Ren) 8 Infantry £2.75

Mamluk AI01 Turkish Infantry Lmi (Bow)
Mamluk AI02 Turkish Infantry Lmi (Jav)
Mamluk AI03 Kurds Infantry (Jav) .
Mamluk AI04 Azabs / City Militia Infantry (Lts)
Mamluk AI05 Azabs / City Militia Infantry (2hcw)
Mamluk AI06 Azabs / City Militia Infantry (Bow)
Mamluk PR21 Incendiaries Infantry (Fire Lance)
Mamluk PR27 Janissary Infantry (Archer Firing)
Mamluk PR41 Janissary Infantry (Archer Loading)
Mamluk PR30 Janissary Infantry (Long Arquebus Firing)
Mamluk PR31 Janissary Infantry (Long Arquebus Loading)
Mamluk PR32 Azabs Infantry (Bow)
Mamluk PR40 Azabs Infantry (Lts)
Mamluk PR33 Levindat Infantry (Spear Shield)
Mamluk PR37 City Rabble Infantry (Arquebus Firing)
Mamluk PR38 City Rabble Infantry (Arquebus Loading)
Mamluk PR39 City Rabble Infantry (Officer With Sword)
Mamluk PR17 Tartar Archer Infantry (Firing)
Mamluk PR18 Tartar Archer Infantry (Axe)
Mamluk PR19 Tartar Infantry Lts Sh
  PR20 City Rabble Infantry Naphtha  Bomber


Ottoman, Mamluk Egyptian (Ren)  4 Cavalry £2.75  

Mamluk AC03 Akinjis Cavalry (Firing)
Mamluk AC07 Akinjis Cavalry (Lance)
Mamluk AC10 Akinjis Cavalry (Lance)
Mamluk AC05 Tartars Cavalry (Jls)
Mamluk AC06 Tartars Cavalry (Firing)
Mamluk AC08 Bedouin Kurds Cavalry (Jls)
  AC11 Bedouin Kurds Cavalry (Lance)
  AC12 Bedouin Kurds Cavalry (Jls)
  AC13 Dajanbazan Cavalry (Lance)
Mamluk PR01 Qapukulu Cavalry (Firing Bow)
Mamluk PR02 Qapukulu Cavalry (Lance)
  PR03 Qapukulu Cavalry (Sword)
Mamluk PR09 Mamluks Cavalry (Lance)
  PR11 Mamluks Cavalry (Sword)
Mamluk PR34 Mamluk Cavalry (Sword)
Mamluk PR35 Halque Archer Cavalry (Bow)
  PR91 Ottoman C In C Mounted Command PR22 PR23
  PR92 Janissary Infantry Command PR28 PR42
Mamluk PR36 Camel Mounted Scouts (Upright Lance)
Mamluk PR24 Sipahis Heavy Cavalry (Lance)
Mamluk PR25 Sipahis Heavy Cavalry (Shooting Bow)


Mamluk Egyptian | Ottoman | Top

15mm Equipment 

  PH01 Pack Horses (4 Figs) £2.75
Ottoman WG12 Draft Oxen X 4 (For Carts Etc) £2.75
  PKC01 Pack Camels (3 Figs) £2.75
  WG13 Draft Horse X 4 (For Carts Etc) £2.75
  BF01 Bar & Stone Fence (X3) £2.75
  BF03 Wicker Fence (X3) £2.75
  CC01 Camel Cart (Fired Rushes) £2.75
  MA09 Peasant Pack (8 Figs) £2.75
  MA10 Wagoner Pack (8 Figs) £2.75
  MA11 Pilgrims (8 Figs) £2.75
  MA20 Female Captives ( Nude) £2.75
  MA21 Female Captives ( Mediterranean) £2.75
  MA23 Male Captives ( Nude) £2.75
  MA24 Male Captives ( Mediterranean) £2.75
  MA26 Male/Female Captives Mounted ( Nude)  £2.75
  MA27 Male/Female Captives Mounted ( Medi) £2.75
  MA30 Camp Followers ( Arab/Islamic ) £2.75
  OX01 Oxen X 4 £2.75
  RE01 Small Bombard (Eastern Crew) £2.75
Ottoman WG01 Wood Sided Wagon (Sp Wheels) £4.00
  WG02 Wood Wagon (Sld Wheels) £4.00
Ottoman WG03 Water Wagon (Sp Wheels) £4.00
Ottoman WG04 Engineers Wagon (Sp Wheels) £4.00
Ottoman WG05 Canvas Topped (Sp Wheels) £4.00
  WG06Canvas Topped (Sld Wheels) £4.00
  WG07 Engineers Wagon (Sld Wheels) £4.00
  WG08 Water Wagon (Sld Wheels) £4.00
Ottoman WG09 Hay Wagon (Sp Wheels) £4.00
  WG10 Hay Wagon (Sld Wheels) £4.00
  WW02 War Wagon (Renaissance) £4.00
  CS01 Camp, (Baggage Barrels, Fire) £4.00
  IE13 Indian Pack Elephant £4.00
Ottoman IE18 Elephant, 2 Bow, 2 Naphtha £4.00
  IE21 Elephant, (Rocket Launcher 1 Crew) £4.00
Ottoman MA15 Mangonel (Stone Thrower) No Crew £4.00
  WG14 Wood Sided Cart (Sp Wheels) £2.75
  WG21 Cart Canvas Covered Load (Sp) £2.75
  WG22 Cart Canvas Covered Load (Sld) £2.75
Ottoman WG23 Hay Cart (Sp Wheels) £2.75
  WG24 Hay Cart (Sld Wheels) £2.75
War Wagon WW02 War Waggon Oxen Drawn (Covered) £4.00
  RE01 Small Bombard (3 Eastern Crew) £2.75
  RE02 Large Bombard (3 Eastern Crew) £8.50
Ottoman MA17 Perrier (Stone Thrower) No Crew £8.50
Some miniatures are suitable for more than one troop type

Command packs contain 6 infantry or 3 cavalry