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 15mm Nude Infantry      8 Infantry  £2.75
Nude NU01 Nude  Male, Running With Jav.
Nude NU02 Nude  Male, Throwing Jav.
Nude NU05 Nude  Male, Archer Firing Bow.
Nude NU06 Nude  Male, Holding Pike/lts.
Nude NU08 Nude  Male, Running With Sword.
Nude NU14 Nude  Male, Archer Firing Bow, Shield.


15mm Infantry (Greek Helmets)  8 Infantry £2.75
Nude NU03 Nude  Male Hoplite, Running Shield, Jav.
Nude NU04 Nude  Male Hoplite, Throwing Jav, Shield.
Nude NU07 Nude  Male Hoplite, Holding Pike/lts, Sh.
  NU09 Nude  Male Hoplite, Running Sword/shield.               


Nude Infantry Female   8 Infantry  £2.75
Nude NU10 Nude  Female, Throwing Jav.
Nude NU11 Nude  Female, Throwing Jav, Shield.
Nude NU12 Nude  Female, Running 2 Hand Sword.  
Nude NU13 Nude  Female, Archer Firing Bow.


 15mm Pirates Infantry   8 Infantry  £2.75
  PT01 Pirate Canvas Trousers, With Boarding Pike.
  PT02 Pirate Trs Tunic Straw Hat, Duck foot Pistol.
  PT03 Pirate Trs Tunic Bandana, With Cutlass & Knife.
  PT04 Pirate Bald Headed, With Coach Gun.
  PT05 Pirate Trs Tunic, Firing Musket.
  PT06 Pirate Canvas Trousers, With Cutlass.
  PT07 Pirate Captain Frock Coat & Boots, With Two Pistols.    
  PT08 Pirate Captain Wooden Leg, Holding Sword.
  PT09 Serving Wench Walking, Holding Tray.
  PT10 Landlord Breaches & Tunic, Holding Tray.
  PT12 Pirates Pack. Assortment of 24 Pirates £7.50


15mm Equipment
  PT11 2 Table 4 Benches £2.75

Some miniatures are suitable for more than one troop type

Command packs contain 6 infantry or 3 cavalry