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IAR 80

MN 1  £1.25

 This attractive Rumanian fighter was used operationally in Russia. It was also used to oppose the USAAF attacks on Ploesti.

Speed :- 342 mph

Climb :- 2,790 feet per minute

Ceiling :- 34,450 feet

Range :- 590 miles

Armament:- 4x 7.7mm MG

2x 12.7mm MG

Rumanian WW2 Aircraft

Top surface - dark brown, dark green.

Undersides- pale blue.

Spinner - dark brown

Theatre markings on fuselage, wing tips & cowling - yellow.

Rudder stripes- blue, yellow red (from front to rear)


MN 2  £1.25

  The IK-Z was a thoroughly modern design. The Yugoslavian air force used the IK-Z to defend Belgrade after the German attack in 1941.

Speed :- 327 mph

Climb :- 2,342 feet per minute

Ceiling :- 30,800 feet

Range :- 488 miles

Armament:- 2x 7.92mm MG

1x 20mm cannon

 Rumanian WW2 Aircraft

Top surface - earth brown, dark green.

Undersides-light grey.

Spinner - dark brown

Tricolor on tail- blue, white red (from top to bottom).

Aircraft number-white.

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