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 15mm Hussite, German  8 Infantry £2.75

Medieval Hand gunner MD30 Burgundian Hand Gunners Padded Tunic & Mail,
Medieval Pikeman MD34 Burgundian Pike Men Mi Leather & Plate, Pike.
Medieval Bill Man MD15 Bill Men Hi Chain And Plate Legs, Bill Upright.
Hussite Medieval Flail MD50 Medium/Heavy Infantry Flail. NEW
  MD45 Low Countries Pike Men Chain Mail Pike Upright.
  MD46 Low Countries Pike Men Chain Mail Pike Upright.
Hussite Pikeman MD51 Medium/Heavy Infantry Pike NEW
Hussite Handgunner MD52 Medium Infantry Arquebus (firing). NEW
Hussite Morningstar MD55 Medium/Heavy Infantry Morning Star. NEW
Hussite Gunner MD53 Medium Infantry Arquebus (loading). NEW
Hussite Spearman MD54 Medium/Heavy Infantry Spearman NEW
Hussite Billman MD56 Medium/Heavy Infantry Billman NEW
Hussite Halbard MD57 Medium/Heavy Infantry Halbard NEW
Hussite Billman MD26 Bill Men Hi Leather Plate, Bill Over Shoulder.
  MD53 Medium Infantry Arquebus (Loading).
Hussite Billman MD29 Bill Men Mi Leather Jerkin, Bill.
Hussite farm impement EC08 Recruits Civilian Dress, With Farm Implement.
Hussite Flail EC09 Recruits Civilian Dress, With Farm Flail.
Hussite farm impement EC10 Recruits Civilian Dress, With Farm Implement.
Hussite Polearm EC13 Recruits Civilian Dress, Using Bill.
War Waggon Laager   NEW Price £4.00
War Wagon Pesheneg

WW01 War Wagon Pesheneg (sp wheel) Horses.

War Wagon Renaissance

WW02 War Wagon Renaissance. (sp wheel) oxen.

Hussite Warwagon

WW03 Hussite Medieval Warwagon (closed side) Horses.


Hussite Warwagon

WW03a Hussite Medieval Warwagon (open side) Horses.

Hussite Artilery Wagon

WW04 Artillery Warwagon (no Gun) Oxen


MA45 Medieval/Renaissance gun (WW04) inc Crew

Hussite Mantlet wagon

WW05 Mantlet Warwagon. Horses


 15mm Hussite, German  4 Cavalry £2.75

  MD36 C In C Mounted Plate Armour, Holding Mace/Baton
Hussite Cavalry MD22 Hc Plate Mail Surcoat, Holding Lance Sh.
Hussite Cavalry MD32 Bill Men Mounted Leather Plate, Bill.
Hussite Cavalry MD28 Medium Cav Leather Jerkin, Lance Upright.
  MD47 Trumpeter Mounted Playing Trumpet.
  MD48 Standard Mounted Holding Flag Pole.


 15mm Medieval Equipment

  PH01 Pack Horses (3) Horses Galloping, Various Loads.  £2.75
  MA01 Organ Gun Gun And Crew, 4 Crew Figures. £2.75
  MA03 Bombard Medium Bombard, Inc Crew. £4.00
WOR Medieval MA15 Mangonol (Stone Thrower) No Crew £5.00
  CS01 Camp, (Baggage Barrels, Fire) £4.00
WOR  Medieval WG12 Draft Oxen X 4 (For Carts Etc) £2.75
  WG13 Draft Horse X 4 (For Carts Etc) £2.75
  BF01 Bar & Stone Fence (X3) £2.75
  MA02 Sm Wheeled Bombard (Inc Crew) £2.75
  MA04 Small Wheeled Mantlet £2.75
  MA05 Large Swinging Mantlet £4.00
  MA06 Small Mantlets £2.75
  MA07 Artillery Crew (8 Figs for Gun powder) £2.75
  MA08 Female Peasant Mounted & Foot £2.75
  MA09 Peasant Pack (8 Figs) £2.75
  MA10 Wagoner Pack (8 Figs) £2.75
  MA12 Stone Thrower Crew (Medieval) £2.75
  MA16 Ballista (Bolt Shooter) Inc Crew £2.75
Medieval Pavisre MA19 Pavise Shields. 8 per pack. NEW £2.75
  MA22 Female Captives ( Dark Ages Medieval) £2.75
  MA25 Male Captives ( Dark Ages Medieval) £2.75
  MA27 Male/Female Captives Mounted ( Medieval) £2.75
  MA28 Male/Female Captives Mounted ( Dark Ages) £2.75
  OX01 Oxen X 4 £2.75
Medieval Cart WG22 Cart Canvas Covered Load (Sld) £2.75
  WG24 Hay Cart (Sld Wheels) £2.75
  WG02 Wood Wagon (Sld Wheels) £4.00
  WG06 Canvas Topped (Sld Wheels) £4.00
  WG07 Engineers Wagon (Sld Wheels) £4.00
  WG08 Water Wagon (Sld Wheels) £4.00
  WG10 Hay Wagon (Sld Wheels) £4.00
  CS09 Medieval Campsite. NEW £4.00
  MA31 Medieval Shields. 12 per pack. NEW £2.75
  MA32 Medieval Weapons, Swords Xbows Polearms etc. £2.75
Medieval Sappers MA33 Medieval Sappers, inc Wheel Barrow. NEW £2.75
War Wagon Peshneg WW01 War Wagon Pesheneg NEW £4.00
Some miniatures are suitable for more than one troop type

Command packs contain 6 infantry or 3 cavalry