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Equipment Groups  Price £2.75

  PH01 Pack Horses (4 Moving Ponies)
Draft Oxen WG12 Draft Oxen X 4 (For Carts & Waggons)
  PKC01 Pack Camels ( 3 Camels )
  PCC02 Wild Camels ( 3 Camels )
  WG13 Draft Horse X 4 (For Carts & Waggons)
  BF01 Bar & Stone Fence (3 Pieces)
  BF02 Fence (4 Rail) (3 Pieces)
  BF03 Wicker Fence (3 Pieces)
  BNG01 9lbr Foot Artillery, (Inc  Crew) British Napoleonic
  BNG02 Howitzer Foot Artillery, (Inc  Crew) British Napoleonic
  BS01 Hvy Bolt Shooter, (Inc Crew)
Camel Cart CC01 Camel Cart (Loaded With Rushes)
  CT03 Two Horse Lt Chariot (Gallic)
  CT03g C In C Lt Chariot (Gallic)
  CT04 Two Horse Chariot (Ancient Brit)
  CT04g C In C Lt Chariot (Ancient Brit)
  CWG01 Napoleon Gun (Inc Crew) Acw
  CWG03 Rodman Rifle Gun (Inc Crew) Acw
  CWG03 Parrot Rifle Gun (Inc Crew) Acw
  CWG04 Whitworth Gun (Inc Crew) Acw
  DH01 Horses Medieval, Dismounted Unarmored
  DH02 Horses Medieval, Dismounted Armoured
  ECW01 Cannon (Inc Crew) Ecw
  ECW02 Demi-Cannon (Inc Crew) Ecw
  ECW03 Culverin (Inc Crew) Ecw
  ECW04 Saker (Inc Crew) Ecw
  ECW05 Gun (Inc Crew) Ecw
  FNG01 12 Lbr Gun (Inc Crew) French Napoleonic
  FNG02 8 Lbr Gun (Inc Crew) French Napoleonic
  FNG03 Howitzer (Inc Crew) French Napoleonic
  MA01 Organ Gun (Inc Crew) Medieval
  MA02 Sm Wheeled Bombard (Inc Crew) Medieval
  MA04 2 X Small Wheeled Mantlet Medieval
  MA05 Large Swinging Mantlet Medieval
  MA06 4 X Small Mantlets Medieval
  MA07 Artillery Crew (8 Figs) Medieval
  MA08 Female Peasant Mounted & Foot Medieval
  MA09 Peasant Pack (8 Figs) Medieval
  MA10 Wagoner Pack (8 Figs) Medieval
  MA11 Pilgrims (8 Figs) Crusader, Medieval
  MA12 Stone Thrower Crew Medieval
  MA13 Stone Thrower Crew (Arab)
  MA14 Stone Thrower Crew (Chinese/Mongol)
  MA16 Ballista (Bolt Shooter) Inc Crew Medieval
  MA19 Pavise Shield. New
  MA20 Female Captives ( Nude)
  MA21 Female Captives ( Mediterranean)
  MA22 Female Captives ( Dark Ages Medieval)
  MA23 Male Captives ( Nude)
  MA24 Male Captives ( Mediterranean)
  MA25 Male Captives ( Dark Ages Medieval)
  MA26 Male/Female Captives Mounted ( Nude)
  MA27 Male/Female Captives Mounted ( Medi)
  MA28 Male/Female Captives Mounted (Dark Ages)
  MA29 Camp Followers ( Chinese/Mongol )
  MA30 Camp Followers ( Arab/Islamic )
  OX01 Oxen X 4
  RE01 Small Bombard (Eastern Crew)
  RE03 Light Gun (3 Landsknecht Crew)
  RE04 Organ Gun (3 Landsknecht Crew)
  WG14 Wood Sided Cart (Sp Wheels)
  WG15 Wood Sided Cart (Sld Wheels)
  WG16 Barrel Cart  (Sld Wheels)
Equipment WG17 Barrel Cart  (Sp Wheels)
Equipment WG19 Wicker Cart (Sp Wheels)
  WG20 Wicker Cart (Sld Wheels)
  WG21 Cart Canvas Covered Load (Sp)
Medieval Cart WG22 Cart Canvas Covered Load (Sld)
Equipment WG23 Hay Cart (Sp Wheels)
  WG24 Hay Cart (Sld Wheels)
  WG38 Covered Cart (Sp Wheels)
  WG39 Covered Cart (Sld Wheels)


Equipment Groups   Price £4.00

  ECW06 Limber (Inc Horses & Crew) ECW, Renaissance
  BNG03 Limber Foot Artillery, Crew British Napoleonic
Equipment WG01 Wood Sided Wagon (Sp Wheels)
WG02 Wood Wagon (Sld Wheels)
Equipment WG03 Water Wagon (Sp Wheels)
Equipment WG04 Engineers Wagon (Sp Wheels)
Equipment WG05 Canvas Topped (Sp Wheels)
  WG06 Canvas Topped (Sld Wheels)
  WG07 Engineers Wagon (Sld Wheels)
  WG08 Water Wagon (Sld Wheels)
Equipment WG09 Hay Wagon (Sp Wheels)
  WG10 Hay Wagon (Sld Wheels)
  WW01 War Wagon Pesheneg
  WW02 War Wagon (Renaissance)
Equipment WG26 Flat Wagon (With Logs) (Sp Wheels)
  WG27 Flat Wagon (With Logs) (Sld Wheels)
WG28 Flat Wagon (With Flour Sacks) (Sp Wheels)
  WG29 Flat Wagon (With Flour Sacks) (Sld Wheels)
  WG30 Wagon (With Half Canvas Top) (Sp Wheels)
  WG31 Wagon (With Half Canvas Top) (Sld Wheels)
Pontoon Wagon WG32 Engineers Pontoon Wagon (Sp Wheels)
  WG33 Pontoon Bridge Sections (2)
  WG33a Pontoon Boats (2)
ECW Supply Wagon WG34 Large Supply Wagon (Sp Wheels)
  WG35 Large Supply Wagon (Sld Wheels)
  WG36 Large Covered Wagon (Sp Wheels)
  WG37 Large Covered Wagon (Sld Wheels)
Ballister Cart BS02 Bolt Shooter (Cart And Crew)
  CS01 Camp, (Baggage Barrels, Fire)
  CT01 Indian Four Horse Chariots
  CT01g Indian C In C Chariot
  CT02 Four Horse Scythed Chariot
  CT05 Four Horse Chariot (Chinese)
  CT05g C In C In Chariot (Chinese)
  CT07 Carthaginian 4 Horse Chariot
  CT07g Carthaginian C In C Chariot
Indian Elephant IE10 Indian Elephant (Inc Crew)
  IE11 Elephant (Pike Astride)
  IE12 Seleucid Elephant (3 Crew)
  IE13 Indian Pack Elephant
  IE14 Elephant (2 Jls Crew)
  IE15 Indian C In C On Elephant
  IE16 Indian Ally Gen On Elephant
  MA03 Medium Bombard (Inc Crew)
Equipment IE18 Elephant, 2 Bow, 2 Naptha
  IE19 Carthaginian War Elephant
  IE21 Elephant, (Rocket Launcher 1 Crew)
  RE05 Heavy Gun (5 Landsknecht Crew)
Equipment MA15 Mangonel (Stone Thrower) No Crew
Equipment MA40 Chinese Rockets, Inc 3 crew figures.
Equipment MA41 Roman Onager, Inc 3 crew figures.
  MA42 Roman Wheeled Ballista, Inc 3 crew.
Equipment WG40 Indian War Waggon ( 3 Oxen).
Equipment WG41 Indian (Rathamasaula Sythed cart, pushed by 2 men )
Equipment Groups
Equipment MA17 Perrier (Stone Thrower) No Crew £6.00
Equipment Groups   
Equipment MA18 Trebuchet Stone Thrower No Crew £8.50
ART03 ART03 Great Bombard, Inc Crew £6.00
RE02   RE02 Large Bombard (Eastern Crew) £6.00
War Waggon Laager   NEW Price £4.00
War Wagon Hussite War Wagon HussiteWar Wagon Artillery
War Wagon Pesheneg WW01 War Wagon Pesheneg, Inc Horses
War Wagon Renaissance WW02 War Wagon (Renaissance) Inc Oxen 
Medieval warwagon WW03 Hussite Warwaggon, closed side Inc Horses
Medieval Warwagon WW03a Hussite Warwaggon, open side Inc Horses
Medieval Artillery Wagon WW04 Artillery WarWaggon (no Gun) Inc Oxen
MA45 MA45 Medieval/Renaissance Gun (WW04) £2.75
Medieval Mantlet Wagon WW05 Mantlet WarWaggon. Inc Horses