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 15mm Neo-Assyrian Infantry     8 Infantry £2.75
Qurubuti AS01 Assyrian Inf (Qurubuti) Lts, large round shield
Qurubuti Inf AS02 Assyrian Inf (Qurubuti) sword, large round shield
Assyrian AS03 Assyrian Inf (Kisir Sharruti) Lts, large round shield
Assyrian AS18 Assyrian Inf (Kisir Sharruti) Sword, shield held high
Assyrian AS04 Assyrian Inf (Kisir Sharruti) archer (shooting)
Assyrian AS19 Assyrian Inf (Kisir Sharruti) archer (shooting)
Assyrian AS05 Assyrian Inf (Aux) Lts, large round topped shield
Assyrian AS05a Urartian Inf (Aux) Lts, large round shield
Assyrian AS06 Assyrian Inf Archer (Kneeling) Armoured
Assyrian AS20 Assyrian Inf Archer (Kneeling) Unarmored
Assyrian AS07 Babylonian Spearman, large round topped shield
Assyrian AS08 Babylonian Inf archer (shooting)
Assyrian AS09 Aramaean Inf (Aux) spearman (shield) throwing
Assyrian AS10 Aramaean Inf (Auxiliary) archer
Assyrian AS11 Judean slinger
Assyrian AS12 Judean spearmen, spear & round shield
Assyrian AS90 Infantry Com. 2 Officers, 2 Trumpets, 2 Standards
Assyrian AS92 Assyrian King on foot with Scribes. (6 figures)
  AS93 Assyrian Standards. (8 pieces)

Painting of Miniatures By.........The One Tree

15mm Neo-Assyrian Cavalry    4 Cavalry £2.75
Cimmerian AS13 Cimmerian Lt Horse, shooting bow
Assyrian AS14 Assyrian cavalry (Guard) Lancer, Barded Hrs, & bow
Assyrian AS15 Assyrian cavalry (Qurubuti) Spear & Bow
Assyrian AS16 Assyrian cavalry (Qurubuti) bow
Midianite Camel AS17 Midianite Camels, 2 riders with bow (3 camels)
  AS91 Assyrian Cav Officer, Sword, Barded Hrs (3 figures)
Skythian SC03 Skythian Horse Archers Lc Fox Skin Cap, Shooting.
Skythian SE29 Skythian Horse Archer Bare Head. Javelin, Shooting.
Skythian SE27 Skythian Horse Archer Lc, Shooting

DBA Assyrian Armies DBM Assyrian Armies

 15mm Neo-Assyrian Equipment
  CT10 Four Horse Chariot (4 Crew) £4.00
  CT10G Four Horse Chariot (Cin C & Crew) £4.00

CT11 Fast Flat Cart (Kallapani) 4 Horse, Add Crew AS06 or AS20

  MA21 Female Captives ( Mediterranean) £2.75
  MA23 Male Captives ( Nude) £2.75
  MA24 Male Captives ( Mediterranean) £2.75
  PH01 Pack Horses (4 Figs) £2.75
Some miniatures are suitable for more than one troop type

Command packs contain 6 infantry or 3 cavalry