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Samurai Ikko Ikki Monks
Painted by "The One Tree"
Samurai Ikko Ikki Monks


Hussite War-Waggons £4.00 each

Hussite Warwagon Hussite Warwagon Hussite Warwagon
Hussite War Waggon, (open side) Hussite War Waggon, (open) Hussite War Waggon, (closed)
Hussite Warwagon Hussite Artillery Wagon War wagon Pesheneg
Mantlet War Waggon. Artillery War Waggon (no Gun) Pesheneg War Waggon Inc Horses
All War-Waggons include Horses. Artillery War-Waggon includes Oxen.
15/MA45 Medieval/Renaissance Gun (for WW04) £2.75
15/MA19 Pavise Shield. 8 per pack. £2.75


Hussite FlailmanHussite Hand gunnerMedieval Spearman

New Hussite Infantry

Medieval Mounted GeneralMedieval PaviseHussite Hand Gun

Medieval Morrning StarMedieval HalbarderMedieval Bill Man

Pontoon WagonMedieval Sappers

Museum Miniatures (QT Models) have been around for over 40 years in one way or another. We started life as a Model Shop in Bridlington a coastal resort in Yorkshire, England during the early 70s. We started selling wargaming figures and as the hobby became more and more popular we started designing and casting a few unobtainable miniatures for our local wargamers. Things they couldn't get hold of elsewhere.

In 40 years of manufacturing wargaming miniatures we have designed and cast 300th scale Buildings, sci-fi space craft. 25mm and 15mm wargaming figures. We now concentrate mainly on 15mm figures and equipment and have an extensive range from the Mycenaean Greeks up to American Brit Gun CrewCivil War. We are primarily a mail order company selling directly to wargamers all over the world. Our customers order from as near as England, France, Holland or as far away as New Zealand and South Africa. We moved in 1998 to our present address, 28 Long Lane, Driffield, Yorkshire YO25 5HF.

Museum Miniatures guarantee our mail order service is second to none, all our worldwide orders are sent Air Mail and insured within the cost of our postage charges. We guarantee that you will receive your order no matter how far away you live.


Museum Miniatures at Shows

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Wargaming Conventions We Attend.

Feb. 2017 Vapnartak, Knavesmire Stand, York Racecourse. York, UK
Oct. 2017 World Championships. Castle Donnington International Exhibition Centre, Castle Donnington, Derby DE74 2rp



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